About Me

Beauty is my life, and after 3 decades and counting, I still celebrate every opportunity to learn, teach, and grow my practice with new ideas, methodologies, and technologies. I embrace every opportunity to evolve with our ever-changing and challenging hair industry. As a member of the Board of Directors for Cosmetologists Chicago, it's an honor to gain access to the knowledge of our leading industry influencers. #AmericasBeautyShow

As a salon owner, hairstylist, educator, mentor, colorist, cutter, guest artist, organic extension master, product developer, and talent curator, my goal is to create growth opportunities that fuel your greatest ambitions and inspire you to exceed your goals as a beauty professional. Why? Because this is your practice and to be successful in this fiercely competitive industry you must give yourself every advantage. Education is that advantage.

Though I am highly skilled in a global range of hair textures, the medium of choice that most challenges and rewards my artistry is highly textured hair. These unique and vast textures demand that you not only have talent and skill but, expertise.
For this reason I’ve created The Coral Lahiani Institute for Advanced Cosmetology, a training and continuing education program for industry professionals like you. Because I believe that education motivates, stimulates, and illuminates fresh ideas by igniting your imagination to help develop your expertise and creative process.

I personally invite you to join us as we engage in this most comprehensive learning experience to take your practice to the next level.

For more information please visit theinstitute.corallahiani.com.

-Coral Lahiani